Workshop Lean Production


The Furniture Workshop adopts lean manufacturing principles that bring to light all that is redundant and that
generates cost, rather than value.

The lean strategy reflects our commitment to eliminate or reduce any areas within the design, manufacturing and after-sales processes that implicate a waste of time or resources, or loss of value.

Thanks to this practice we are able to optimize all activities and eliminate waste, resulting in effective cost-reduction that does not affect the quality of the products and services offered.

The way we are organised allows us to monitor every single phase of our projects, ensuring that agreed delivery dates are met.
The objective of Synthesis is to become the reference point for the production of custom-made top-quality furnishings.

In Synthesis Arredamenti we have been applying CNC technology for years and our machinery is constantly upgraded and/or replaced.
State-of the art technology is accompanied by able craftsmen who bring it all together and apply the final touch. Synthesis Arredamenti has invested in creating new tools for its development as an Industry 4.0 company, adapting its manufacturing processes to the digital revolution.
Amongst other finishes, the company also produces laser-cut panels, inlaid wood panels, carbon fibre panels and composite finishes.