Also known by the acronym SFED, Synthesis is a joinery in the Vicenza furniture district, certified to ISO 9001. With 35 years of experience to its credit, the company maintains its craftsman traditions and is solid and well-structured.
It pays utmost attention to every single detail and adopts lean manufacturing principles within the organisation.
Synthesis produces highly prestigious furnishings, designed to preserve their value over time. Synthesis, contract engineering design, monitors all phases of its projects, assuring that agreed delivery dates are met.

Quality furnishings

The objective of Synthesis is to become your point of reference for the manufacture of bespoke quality furnishings.
The company was founded by Mario Gatto in 1984 as a sole proprietorship, and later grew to become a limited liability company.
The family-run business relies on, and is supported by, a team of in-house and outside resources, and has shown itself to be constantly innovative in renewing itself.
Although it is specialized in the transformation of wood, Synthesis avails itself of choice suppliers who provide additional components in steel, aluminium, glass, plastic and innovative materials that blend together to create distinctive design elements.

Responsability and values

The company aims to make this world a better place, and adopts recycling policies that help minimize the impact of its activities on the environment. This is why we rely on esteemed suppliers who provide us with FSC and/or PEFC certified panels. When possible, we try to use water-based paints that are more eco-friendly than classic paint. Last but not least, all waste resulting from the manufacturing process is either recycled in-house or sent for recycling by other facilities.
Synthesis is founded on solid, reputable values and all our partners adopt safe and trusted methods to yield a product that meets every expectation. Synthesis thus aims to become the market’s point of reference for the manufacture of custom-made furniture at the right price.

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